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Publications sold by ICS

Any profits from sales go to further ICS's work. If you purchase, please also consider making a donation towards our work. Thank you. To order any of the following call ICS on 024 7646 3940 (IDD code: +44 24 7646 3940 ) or order on line

Directory of English-speaking Churches Abroad

The portable way to find a church that speaks your language

Directory of English-speaking Churches Abroad cover Researched, compiled and typeset by a team of volunteers, the unique pocket-sized Directory of English-speaking Churches Abroad lists English-speaking Protestant churches from many denominations in some ninety-five countries where English is not the first language. It is designed to help those who travel internationally for work, on holiday, or to study, and for churches, mission agencies and Christian Unions to help their members find fellowship abroad or contact a Christian minister in a time of need.

Churches from a wide variety of denominations and traditions are listed. Entries include contact addresses, location and times of services. Price UK 4.00.

Vital statistics: ISSN 1466-6855; size/weight - approximately 105 x 210 mm and around 150g (2001 edition); paperback; updated at least annually. Any profits go to further ICS's work. Price 4.00 (postage 75p).


A Church in the Alps (Cicely Williams)

This book was first published in 1970 and now has updated photographs and an Afterword. It tells the story of Zermatt, the Matterhorn disaster, the building of the English Church, and its current ministry. It is on sale at St. Peter's Zermatt if you are visiting, or is available from ICS.
Publisher: ICS (2006); ISBN 0-9537435-0-0 Price 4.00 (post free).


Faith and New Frontiers (Brian Underwood)
A story of planting and nurturing churches, 1823 – 2003

This new history of ICS focuses particularly on ICS's church-planting initiatives in the last ten years as well as drawing out important lessons for future local and international mission through church-planting. In an era when Christians-especially in western Europe-seem to struggle to make the gospel of Jesus Christ heard, Intercontinental Church Society's planting and re-planting of international English-language churches in mainland Europe deserves study. ICS is, too, an unusual mission agency: with its help TUI Thomson was the only tour operator that featured chaplains on its holidays for the over fifty-fives.

This accessible, contemporary missionary history examines a decade in the life of this evangelical Anglican agency's long history, analyses the contemporary cultural context, and describes a Society that is confident in the Christ of the Scriptures, co-operative in attitude and which serves people of every conceivable denomination and nationality in the language of some 25% of the world's population. It demonstrates, too, the contribution a voluntary agency can make when encouraged by the Church to pursue its specialist calling. It is both relevant and inspiring. The book covers

The first 170 years of ICS's work especially in Canada, Australia and Europe.

The cultural and spiritual context of mission in Europe in the closing years of the 20th century

ICS's partnership with established chaplaincies in Europe and the development of its seasonal ministry from 1992 to 2002

A detailed survey of ICS's church-planting work from 1995 onwards

An analysis of the Society's contribution to mission

A look forward into the shape of Christian mission in the 21st century

Publisher: ICS (2004); ISBN 0-9537435-2-7; stitched paperback with colour and mono plates. Size 210 x 148mm; 288 pages plus 16 pages of colour plates. Price 7.99 (postage extra).


Truth to Tell (Brian Underwood)
An engaging new book. It is a collection of sketches about the lives and ventures of ordinary people who achieved quite extraordinary things in taking the gospel message to English-speaking people all over the world. Covering the period from 1823 to 2003, it the story too of a movement which became Intercontinental Church Society - a mission society whose unique role it is to present the gospel story in foreign countries through the English language. The main story it tells, of course, is of the story of Jesus. The title phrase was to be found on Jesus' lips (John 5: 24) when he promised that those who heard his word (the story of salvation) and believed in him would receive eternal life. This is Brian's fourth book about ICS.
Publisher: ICS (2007) Available as a 74 page A4 manuscript or as a PDF on CD-rom: price 5.00 (post free).


Faith without Frontiers (Brian Underwood)
Brian Underwood's second book tells the story of ICS's work from 1969 to 1993.
Publisher: (ICS, 1994); ISBN 0-946604-07-X Price 2.99 (post free).


Nile to the Netherlands (Brian Lea)
The story of two missionaries, Brian and Gill Lea and their involvement in English-language ministry (mainly with ICS). If you want to know what being a chaplain of an international church involves, this an excellent insight. Publisher: Thankful Books (2006) ISBN 1-90584-06-4 Price 5.00 (postage extra)

To order any of the above call ICS on 024 7646 3940 (IDD code: +44 024 - ) or order on line


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