Our first blog in the series is written by Rev Rodney Green from St John Flixton, Manchester, Rodney was due to be Chaplain in Wengen at the end of May. 

If you and I were in Wengen we would see wonderful views and breath in fresh mountain air as you walk in the mountains. We are at home- life goes on. Let us look at another walk! 

I hope you are able to do a daily exercise- perhaps a daily walk in this extended lock down. Exercise is very good as it keeps us healthy. After three days in the tomb- Jesus was raised from the dead. He then spoke to Mary in the garden but what did he do next? Jesus joined two people on a seven-mile hike from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus. These followers of Jesus felt the need to go to this village away from suffering going on in Jerusalem. 

The followers shared with Jesus the Resurrection story but to them it was only a story which was hard to believe. They could not believe it had happened. Why could they not believe that Jesus was alive as he was walking and speaking to them? Their hearts and minds were devastated because of the death and separation from Jesus. They were living in their own strength all hope appears to have gone. 

Jesus was very patient with these two fellow walkers as verses 26 & 27 tell us- Jesus shared with them scriptures about himself and his sufferings. He first said to these walkers "How foolish you are, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken" (v 25). They heard but did not listen and failed to understand the reason that Jesus had to die on the cross. 

What can we learn from these two walkers? We need to ask Jesus to come into our everyday life. To listen to him when he does speak to us. When we have hard times look up to our Lord for answers and direction. He is the "Light of the World" who is always willing to direct us. 

At the end of the day Jesus was invited to come into their home and spend the night. What Jesus wanted was for them to open their eyes and ask him to be a reality in their hearts. This had to await until mealtime when Jesus broke bread with them- "it was then their eyes were opened and they recognised him". Was it at that moment they saw the nail marks in his hands or was it how Jesus broke the bread whatever the reason they came to the realisation that Jesus was alive - they were changed people for ever. 

They had experienced the risen Lord and they wanted to share this news urgently that they ran back to Jerusalem at night to share with others that Jesus is alive. 

Today it is one thing to have a head knowledge about Jesus it is another to reach out and have a living relationship with our Lord and Saviour when we invite him into our hearts and have our eyes opened to his presence in our lives 

Elisabeth and I have enjoyed our daily walks in the sunshine. The air is fresh, it is quiet everywhere including Manchester. People now appear to stop for a small chat as isolation has set people when outside to actually talk with each other. During our walks we have met some people again and again which we consider God incidences and have made some new friends. Whenever you read this look up to the Lord who made heaven and earth. 


God bless you all 

Rev Rodney