Brexit, Faith and Identity: 1. 'Where are you from?'

Since 2013, Jeremy Heuslein has been the Outreach Worker from Holy Trinity Brussels to the EU Institutions, providing pastoral care and spiritual accompaniment to young professionals. In connection with his ministry, Jeremy has written this guest blog series for ICS. Exploring Brexit from a Christian viewpoint. Read more

Brexit, Faith and Identity: 2. 'What do you do?'

'What do you do?' is one of the three standard questions asked in the city that I call home: Brussels, Belgium. Last time I focused more on the question 'Where are you from?' here a second question confronts us: 'What do you do?' As Christians, we are in the world but we are called not to be of the world. That is, we are called to be the light and the salt, the witnesses and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God and not to define ourselves by worldly activities. Read more