On Saturday 27 May, the chaplaincy in Aquitaine gathered to celebrate at the beautiful abbey of St. Avit Senieur.

Travelling from across the four corners of the chaplaincy to celebrate with friends old and new. Tony's sermon reminded us that we are all united in Christ, and Tina Marshall-Cottam and David Albrecht were sworn in as Chaplaincy Wardens. 

The prayer stations created in the abbey provided an opportunity to quietly reflect on the 'I AM teachings of Jesus'. Gill's treasure hunt walk through the village was a delightful time out in the spring sunshine.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this such a memorable day, especially those behind the scenes, setting up the sound system, bringing in the soft cushions, setting up the tables and benches, serving refreshments. Thanks be to God!

Story taken from the Aquitaine website.