Holy Trinity Cannes is always a happy place but Sunday 17 September was especially joyful for the congregation as they gathered with friends and representatives of local churches to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the present church building. 

Over ninety people attended the thanksgiving service led by the Revd Tim Wright of ICS Council that included representatives of the Église Protestante Unie, the Église Protestante Évangélique, the Mexican church (which meets in the church premises), the Mairie and Nice-Matin, the local newspaper. Tim preached from Nehemiah, combining the vision of rebuilding and the theme adopted for the event: 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow', stressing the vital elements of prayer, preaching and planning.

The service was followed by refreshments, giving participants the opportunity to visit displays of photos and artefacts of the present and previous church buildings. A commemoration not only of 50 years in the present building but of nearly 150 years of collaboration between ICS and Holy Trinity. Now the church is looking forward to the future where, with God's blessing (and eventually a new chaplain!), it may continue to serve the local community and visitors to the Côte d'Azur, and to radiate the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Paul Reid 

Could you be the next Chaplain to serve in Holy Trinity Cannes?  Further details are here