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Appeal to further the Mission of ICS

New Work is an essential part of what ICS is about. Since we decided to help fund the work in Izmir our New Work opportunities have snowballed, and it is a delight to be part of this mission as we develop new opportunities and frontiers. ICS was founded as a frontier mission agency, I believe we are being not only true to our roots but also relevant to the times we live in. Read more

Lyon Trinity Church

Trinity Church in Lyon needs your help Read more

Support Mission and Ministry in Egypt and North Africa

ICS supports ministry in Algiers, Tunis, Cairo and Tripoli. Good things are happening here: local believers are being trained in Theology to become the next generation of leaders; churches are growing and believers are being discipled. Read more

Fund ICS ministry at St Bernard's

Being in the Alps it is hard not to be moved by the surrounding majestic mountains. Sitting outside the English Church (St. Bernard’s) in Wengen and looking out as people pass up and down the road, then looking to the hills beyond, I am reminded that God pours out his unfailing Love on those living, visiting and working in Wengen, whether they are aware of it or not. Read more

Appeal to further our Ministry at St. Peter's

St. Peter’s, Zermatt opened in 1870. Since then, thousands of people have visited the church to reflect, pray, seek the chaplain’s help, and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The church has a significant place in Alpine history particularly in light of the Matterhorn Disaster of 1865. Read more