Although Algeria is a French and Arabic speaking nation, all our worship services are in English. About 90% of our congregation are sub-Saharan African students who are pursuing university studies in Algiers. The rest of the congregation are people in the diplomatic services or business from a variety of others nations. We welcome anyone from any nation!

The first Anglican Church in Algiers was consecrated in 1870, built on land given by the French Colonial Government. There was only a tiny British community resident in Algiers at that time, but the numbers swelled during the winter when many British people moved temporarily to Algiers for health reasons. In about 1906, the French Colonial Government required the land back for the construction of a central post office and offered 'in compensation' a new site in a different part of town; which is the current church site. The new church was consecrated in 1908 by the Bishop of Gibraltar.

The Priest-in-Charge is the Revd Huw Thomas.

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