We chose the name ‘All Saints’ as it communicated some of our desired identity. All Saints - all who visit, regardless of all ages, all nationalities, all background, all sorts - all are saints through Christ. How are we All Saints? Through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus. And all are called to live as saints, to be the holy ones in this world, salt and light, distinctive, Jesus-shaped.

All Saints was planted with a core group from Holy Trinity, Utrecht. Holy Trinity had grown beyond its building, even when it moved to having two Sundays in the morning and a monthly Saturday evening, it was still full. It was discerned, the Lord was calling to plant, as a number of people attending Holy Trinity, were travelling the twenty or so minutes from Amersfoort. As St. Paul would arrive at Philippi, after discerning the Spirit's voice (Acts 16) not to go north east or south west but to go across the sea. Holy Trinity Council discerned the calling of the Lord to establish a new Church of England congregation.

The intention was for All Saints to become a self-standing, separate, distinct chaplaincy in the Diocese in three years. That special event, led by Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk, took place on 2 June 2019.

Read more about their journey here and details on services.