Each and every day, more than one hundred thousand people travel through Schiphol airport; people of different cultures with different backgrounds and emotions. As in any vast crowd, a high number of them have problems and worries which they would like to share with somebody willing to lend a sympathetic ear.

Some people also require immediate help. In both cases, the Airport Chaplaincy, which has been present at Schiphol since 1975, is of indispensable and invaluable support. It wants to contribute to the emotional and spiritual care of the people traveling through, or working at, the airport. The Airport Chaplaincy consists of three pastors, assisted by twenty-five volunteers of all denominations. Together they are in charge of a place of tranquility where people of all nationalities and all beliefs are welcome. They offer pastoral and spiritual care at the heart of society.

The Old Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry (OCAAM) is the sponsoring agency for Anglican and Old Catholic participation in the chaplaincy of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

This chaplaincy is an ICS Associate Ministry Partner. The Chaplain is Mark Hafkenscheid.