Jim Perryman (ICS Seasonal Mission Manager) writes about Dennis’s involvement in ICS. ‘How can I briefly honour our dear friend, Dennis Sadler? I struggle with ‘brief’ and there is so much to say. Supporter, Seasonal Chaplain, Council Member, Vice-Patron—all of these speak of Dennis’s deep commitment to ICS over so many years, but none of them really get close to properly describing the man and his dedication. A man of passion and compassion; a man of integrity who lived out, in so many aspects of life, the fulness of his profession. His wisdom and careful choice of words—and when to speak—particularly experienced through the years we were on ICS Council together, are things that the rest of us could do well to emulate. With his passing, we have lost a depository of a wealth of knowledge about the Society, and a great personal friend of many. We entrust him with absolute confidence into the eternal loving care of the God he has so faithfully served.’