Welcome, to the donation page of Lorgues with Fayence!

So this is a sort of Good News/Bad News story hence we have opened this donation page with ICS. We have been members of ICS since 2005 and immensely grateful over all those years for the support and encouragement that they have, and continue to give us.

We need your help to raise money for two things:

  1. Our Income Shortfall during 2020
  2. The Funding of the Equipment and Software that we have purchased for our online ministry. This ministry has helped hold the church family together and also seems to have grown it significantly as well.

Therefore, we want to give you the opportunity to support us, if you would like to do so. We have set a modest target of 2000 Euros and it would be amazing if we could raise that amount!

Thank you for reading this and if you wish to help us, just click the DONATE button. All donations pass safely through ICS, and where eligible, Gift Aid is added.

Thank you again…….every little bit will help us continue the work of sharing the gospel and being the church family God calls us to be.

Peter Massey (Chaplain at Lorgues with Fayence)