Standing in the church courtyard in Cairo, listening to the person ICS has placed there tell me about the young man from Syria who has come to faith and who is being discipled into what it means to be a follower of Jesus, reminds me how raw and vibrant ministry in this part of the world is. 

ICS recruits mission partners, supports, and serves them in post. We work with the bishops to see the name of Christ proclaimed long and loud in this incredible part of the world. The English-speaking ministry, the part we are called to serve, allows there to be a place where people can gather and hear about the love of God in Christ. People who find themselves away from home, for whatever reason, be it work, fleeing persecution or travel and having English in common as a first, second or even third language. 

This spring, I ask you to make a special donation to Mission & Ministry in Egypt, North Africa & Ethiopia. ICS wants to support the new mission partners, provide resources for them to develop mission and to take every opportunity to appropriately grow the church in this dynamic region.

Please stand with us as we serve the Church in Egypt and North Africa and make a one-off or regular gift to the work in this most precious area and donate below or by phone: +44 (0) 24 7646 3940. Thank you!

The Revd Canon Richard Bromley, Mission Director