'When I was a child, if my sister wanted to really annoy me she would say: ‘I know a secret and I am not telling you’. I sometimes feel like that about our ministries in Egypt and North Africa. I hear things, I visit mission partners and I am aware of the amazing acts of God. At the same time due to the sensitivities of the area I cannot tell the stories.'

We support ministry in Algiers, Tunis, Cairo and in Tripoli and are heavily involved with Bishops Mouneer and Samy, as we plan and serve in this region. 

There are good things happening! Local believers are being trained in Theology to become the next generation of leaders. Churches are growing, and believers are being discipled. 

There are also huge challenges. Security and safety being the main ones. The pressure of ministering 24/7 in these contexts is immense. 

Our role as ICS is:

  • to help these people flourish
  • to recruit great mission partners
  • to resource them in their ministry

Please stand with us this Easter and make a gift towards the work in this most precious area.