Behold I make all things New… 

The snippet above from Revelation 21 reminds me that even if I am too busy to notice, God is at work, lives are being impacted through the ministry of ICS, people are serving and being served. We are in a constant state of creation and recreation. As I pondered on this, it prompted me to go over the Chaplains’ reports to see what God had been doing recently through their ministries. I was blown away by the stories and testimony that came back.

One chaplain wrote about a young Japanese woman from Tokyo, who visited the church.  He goes on: ‘We asked her in which languages (Chinese, Japanese or Korean) the various tracts were printed.  She identified them and then sat quietly in the church reading the tract in Japanese’.
Another told us: ‘I had a significant chat with a local Portuguese worker who comes to sit on the bench outside the church regularly, to “get some peace from the madness”. We spoke about life, philosophy, the ways of the world and personal faith. From a Catholic background, which he disowns though liking some of the things that the Pope says, one could see that though he called himself an atheist initially, he was really an agnostic seeker. By the end of a long chat, he promised to read the Gospels. Later in the week, on the Sunday, he was outside the church on the bench just as people were leaving after the service. He had not been able to make the service but said he would come the following week. I gave him Luke’s Gospel to start him off, which he was very keen to read.’

In the summer, more visitors seem to stay for less time and only a few stay for two weeks of the season. However, more also visit the church as it is on the sightseeing route. So, it was good for our chaplains to spend time every other day sitting on the bench outside St Peter’s as there are always some visitors and sometimes God just gives the right opportunities. Other chaplains talk about being invited for a drink and people really wanting to talk about faith.

Finally, one chaplain wrote: ‘We met up with a couple from the Netherlands who came to faith at St Peter’s during our ministry a few years ago.  They came to both services on our first Sunday and after the evening service we met up with them and some of their friends.  With this group we met up twice more and shared our faith.  The couple new to faith, now know how to grow in faith and both shared how they knew God’s presence over twenty years ago in different ways leading to the day of their conversion.  It was a great joy for us to see them again after that first meeting when, as visitors, they had come to St Peter’s one evening and left an hour later with a living faith.’

We can only achieve this because of the most generous support of people who stand alongside us and give financially, and in prayer.  We are all aware that we have had a pandemic, a war is taking place in Ukraine and a global economic crisis surrounds us - this is a hard time to fund ministry. 

So, I ask you to journey with us, to make a gift to the ministry and life of ICS.  It may be £250, £100 or £50, or whatever sum God lays on your heart.  We are only able to carry on doing what we do because of the loyal, sacrificial support from our members and friends.  Secondly, if you can give regularly, could I ask you to consider starting or increasing a standing order to ICS?  You may not notice it going out, but we will certainly notice it coming in!

We are about to embark on a development project in St Peter’s Zermatt.  It is our intention to repair the stained-glass windows.  There are many gaps where the wind howls through, letting cold air in and warm air out!  In the interests of being more efficient, environmentally responsible and comfortable, we see this as imperative.  This will be a significant cost, but important to complete.  If you would like to give specifically to this, please mark your gift ‘Zermatt Glass’.  Your gift will allow us to improve our beautiful church in Zermatt and preserve it for future generations. 

Thank you for standing with us as we continue to fulfill this Gospel ministry. Your prayers, partnership and friendship are essential to us.

Yours in Christ,

The Revd Canon Richard Bromley

ICS Mission Director