St. Peter's, Zermatt opened for services in 1870. As the Alps became of greater interest to travellers in Europe in the 19th century, Zermatt became popular as a destination for mountaineers, and demand grew for church services in English. ICS owns and maintains the building, and provides the chaplains during the summer and winter seasons who conduct services and work in the resort to share the love and Good News of Jesus Christ.

St. Peter’s, Zermatt church roof has now been replaced and we are delighted that the roof is now sound so that we can continue our ongoing witness that St. Peter’s has to people visiting and working in Zermatt to the love of God. The space it provides for ministry and for chaplains to serve in the twenty-first century. 

Inside St. Peter’s we are installing new interactive displays to engage people as they visit. These will tell something of the story of St. Peter’s as well as the Christian message. We have many visitors who drop in, enjoy the quiet space and take a moment to think and pray. We want to engage them in an interesting way, as well as introduce them to the chaplain. 

I am aware that people have a special affection for St. Peter’s and may welcome the opportunity to stand with us in giving towards the ongoing costs and repairs that we need to do to keep St. Peter’s a beautiful and welcoming place. Please, consider making a donation to ICS, be it £50, £100 or £150 to allow us to continue this valuable ministry through the English Church (St. Peter’s) in Zermatt.  Your support matters immensely to us. Without a regular congregation the church is sustained by the gifts and regular giving of people who have enjoyed being part of the church for brief moments yet feel a special affinity with it.

Thank you for your generous support, partnership and prayer!

Richard Bromley, ICS Mission Director