From October 2018, Jeremy Heuslein has had the privilege to be a full-time Outreach Worker at Holy Trinity Brussels. This post was made possible through the generous support of ICS and its supporters and is a natural extension and a revitalisation of a part-time post that was created in April 2013.

It has been a huge breath of fresh air. I have relaunched a blog associated with the ministry, I have begun updating and renewing the work I’ve done at the Chapel for Europe, and I have set up the infrastructure to begin events in the EU Parliament again. But I’ve also begun looking forward. Starting in January, we’re launching a new small group that seeks to engage young professionals, midweek, building community and sharing the love of Jesus over food and conversations. Speaking of food and conversations, we are also launching an Alpha course in February. From this, we hope to remodel the Bible Society’s The Bible Course for our context and run it inside the European Parliament.

There is lot of exciting stuff happening!

And more than that, beyond the events, there are the conversations with individuals, the divine encounters and interruptions. Sometimes it is encouraging someone who is struggling with an aspect of their faith and discipling them. Other times, it is framing the Gospel as the ongoing story of the love of God to someone who doesn’t really believe in anything. In all these conversations, it is my hope and prayer to build up a community of people who follow Jesus, who love Jesus, and who share that love with others.

On a closing note, I am thrilled to report that I will begin theological training for ordination ministry in the autumn. Having been recommended by a BAP in 2015, I finally will begin in situ training, until starting residential training at the end of 2020. For all the events, conversations, and for the start of this next stage of ministry, I covet your prayers and hope to tell you again about how God is moving and working in Brussels.

Jeremy Heuslein, Outreach Worker HT Brussels and EU Institutions

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