St. George's Church Barcelona is an international Anglican church who have worshipped in this beautiful city since the mid-1800s. We are united in Christ, celebrating our diversity and unity. We give thanks for the variety of people in our community–and for all those who visit us and bless us with their presence. It is a privilege to be world Christians! 'A House of Prayer for All Nations' (Isaiah 56:7).

John Chapman is the Chaplain, he is married to Deborah who is Assistant Chaplain. 

St. George's is an ICS Mission Partner.

More information on church services and the chaplaincy.

St George's Barcelona are celebrating their Anniversary Gala Year of 50 years of the building and 150 years of being present in Barcelona. The church is raising funds to make the building more safe and fit for purpose as they move into a future which remains uncertain. They have been restoring the property through increasing the space outside the front entrance, refreshing aspects of the building, beautifying the garden and generally sprucing the place up. This includes installing child-safe, soundproofed and attractive windows to make better use of the mezzanine and balcony sound area.

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