Welcome to The Anglican Church in Basel! We are an English-speaking international Church and all are warmly invited to join us, regardless of nationality and whatever church background (or none) that you come from.

The Anglican Church in Basel is one of well over 150 similar churches in mainland Europe, which in 1980 were formed into the Anglican Diocese in Europe, the forty-fourth diocese of the Church of England. The Church of England is one of the sister churches of the world-wide Anglican Communion, comprising around 70 million members in all five continents.

The Anglican Church is deeply committed to cooperation and unity with all other Christian churches, and we are delighted to welcome people of all backgrounds to share fully in the life of our community. Our services are in general held according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England, but we are keen also to draw on the insights and traditions of others.

We enjoy a close working relationship here in Basel especially with the Reformed Church, which owns one of the buildings in which we hold our services, and with the Old Catholic Church with which we are in communion.

Hilary Jones is the Chaplain in Basel, assisted by Anne Lowen and Russell Hilliard.

ACB is an ICS Mission Partner.

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