As a Member you can help us witness to Jesus Christ in Europe and beyond. We are a voluntary agency. Members are the core of our support base and we encourage them to pray, attend the Society’s AGM and volunteer time and energy in any way that they can.

All Church of England mission agencies depend on donations from churches, trusts and individuals. Individuals support our work by giving and praying as Friends of ICS; Members can also vote in general meetings and may stand for election to our Council (board).

What does Membership involve?

  • supporting the Society’s work through prayer and active interest and involvement to help us fulfil our mission
  • donating annually a minimum per Member of £32 full or £16 concessionary (over 65 or unwaged)
  • where a couple are both members (with joint mailings to one address), the second member need only donate a minimum of half his or her own eligible rate, ie: £16.00 for full rate or £8.00 for concessionary rate.
  • Be in full agreement with the objects of the Society and with the ICS Basis of Faith

Responsibilities of becoming a Member

Please note carefully the following information. ICS is a company limited by guarantee. Members are therefore bound by the ‘constitution’ of the company (its Memorandum and Articles, a copy of which can be obtained from ICS) and any rules relating to Membership in force from time to time. The object for which the company is established is to: ‘advance the Christian Gospel by evangelical mission and ministry to English-speaking people throughout the world.’

Subscriptions must be unrestricted gifts to the general fund of the Society. However, donations over and above the minimum may be designated for a particular appeal or object (subject to our usual conditions of acceptance) once the minimum donation has been made to the general fund. Every Member of the Society undertakes to contribute such amount as may be required (not exceeding £10) to the Society’s assets if it should be wound up while he or she is a Member or within one year after he or she ceases to be a Member…’ (cl. 8 of the Memorandum).

How to apply:

  • Please read Details of membership and then complete this Membership Application form and return to Maggie Winham at ICS or by email.
  • Make your annual donation (if you have not already done so) online or by returning this form.
  • Your application will be put before the ICS Council, who approve all applications. Once a Member, in addition to ICS’s usual mailings, you will be sent Member mailings such as notice of the AGM.

Your participation helps us in our mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Thank you.

Data about individuals and organisations ICS is in contact with may be held in manual or electronic databases for the purposes of pursuing its activities. ICS does not pass mailing lists to unconnected third parties.