Richard Bromley 

When I was at bible college many years ago one of the popular authors was Alvin Toffler, an American writer, futurist, known for his work about modern technology, the digital revolution and the communications revolution.  So much of what he mapped out came true and he was a clear thinker.  Sadly, he died in 2016, he would have a lot to say about the present situation we find ourselves in.

As we muse about the consequences of Brexitthe pandemic and changes that were happening in our world anyhow, I was reminded again about him when I came across a PowerPoint I wrote nine years ago which has a quote from him.  The quote was “The illiterate of the year 2007 will not be the individual who cannot read, but the one who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.


It seems the challenge for us is to be people able to learn, unlearn and relearn, to improvise and adapt.  In modern jargon to pivot as the opportunities change.  Leading a mission agency with my colleagues the mission partners, we are all wrestling with this.  How we continue to have an impact for the Gospel today.  

When I worked with Youth for Christ there was a great phrase from the early days, “Anchored to the rock, but moving with the tides”. A wonderful place of tension to minister within.