Richard Bromley 

Last week we had a zoom prayer meeting. The people that attended were made up of, that wide circle of friends who are interested in ICS - our ministries, our chaplains, and the people we serve. People were in Greece, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and who knows where else. We are in different locations, different time zones, but united in a common enthusiasm for the people and places that ICS serves.

What stands out and makes me want to write about it now is that joy, the camaraderie, the fellowship that exists between these people. Listening to Martin Reakes-Williams from Leipzig talk about the ministry and lead a devotional from Acts 1 is just an inspiration.

Three things that stand out at the end of the time together. Firstly, these people pray, they are a body of people who pray daily with enthusiasm and gusto for ICS and they are invaluable. Secondly these people like each other! They don’t hang up at the end of the call easily. Lastly, these people are encouraging. The emails and notes that are received afterwards are a joy to receive and inspire us to carry on knowing that we have such supporters behind us