As most of our staff team are still working from home for Plastic Free July this year we are focusing on how we can best support this initiative from our own homes. This post outlines some of the products that we as a staff team have been using in our day to day lives as we work from home. We've spoken a little about this before in our Earth Day post so make sure to check it out as well. There are so many great plastic-free alternatives available and we would highly suggest you do your own research on what would work best for you but these are just a few suggestions from us.

Toilet Paper

We all need toilet paper and Who Gives A Crap is a company that creates toilet paper, tissues and paper towels that are not only plastic-free and eco-friendly but also donate 50% of profits to help build toilets in countries around the world that really need them. They operate a subscription service as well so you never need to be without toilet paper!


Natural Refillable deodorants are not only better for you because they're aluminium free but they're also better for the environment because you're not throwing aerosols away every month! It can take your body a while to get used to but if you don't mind being a little smelly for a few days it will benefit in the long run. There are so many different brands available but I use Wild which is available on a subscription basis, online, or you can pick them up exclusively at Sainsbury's.


Plastic bottles in the shower are one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste so by switching to soap bars and shampoo bars you can eliminate the amount of plastic you're consuming. I find my shampoo bars last me around 3-4 months which makes them a good investment and since making the switch I don't see myself going back to regular shampoo bottles any time soon! I usually get these from Lush but I'm currently using one from Ethique who also do natural deodorants as well as other products, all plastic free.

Cleaning Products

Another big cause of plastic consumption is cleaning products and refillable alternatives can be a great way to combat this. Fill Refill provide their products in glass bottles and use a circular refillable system. They can be used for both cleaning and personal care products.

Home Grown Produce

One easy way to combat plastic waste is by growing your own produce. It's probably not viable for you to grow everything yourself but by even growing a few things that you use regularly at home it will help minimise the waste created from buying vegetables at the supermarket.