Holidays can be full of joy, and sadly unexpected pain and loss.
Chris Pearson shares one example of supporting a family through a family tragedy.

It’s always a great delight and joy to serve in the wonderfully beautiful resort of Wengen. It’s also a great privilege in many ways, not least in being able to share with tourists some of their joys and sorrows.  As well as the many happy times, there is also an important role for the chaplain when things go wrong and that’s just as much a privilege too. 

In 2009 when we were in the resort, we had the huge privilege to standing alongside a family, staying just down the valley in Lauterbrunnen, as they coped with a family tragedy.  They were part of a larger group staying in one of the hotels and we were able to welcome a considerable number to share in worship at St. Bernard’s as they struggled with their grief and loss. During those two weeks we got to know those people pretty well and they were certainly grateful that ICS had put a chaplain there.

2009 turned out to be a very different kind of chaplaincy from others we have taken before and since, but it will always stay in our memories for that great privilege. We stayed in touch with that family for some years following this event and it continues to serve for us as a reminder that ICS and its chaplains are always called to be there for English-speaking guests regardless of what they are encountering in life.
We are called to be Christ for them in every situation.

Chris Pearson