Herrick and Judy Daniel love going to Corfu, seeing familiar faces and meeting new people, telling everyone they meet about the joy they have found in a relationship with Jesus!

I was recently listening to a well-known song by Elvis Presley “MEMORIES”, ‘press the pages of my mind, and how sweet the memories sweeten the years just like wine’.  I was reminded of the sweet memories that Judy and I made in Corfu over the past two years.

One ideal example, among many, was when we ventured on a boat trip from Gouvia (where we were staying), to Kassiopi in the north. On the boat, Herrick took the opportunity to speak with the captain, Spyros on the subject of mission- explaining the work and mission of ICS, and its involvement with Holy Trinity church in Corfu town. Herrick also took the opportunity to chat with and witness to fellow passengers. He was very surprised when a crew member shook his hand and said, ‘Chaplain, I know who you are – you are famous’.

This is a clear reminder of how boats have been used significantly to spread God’s Word further on the mission field. An example is Paul’s visit to Rome in a boat in order to educate people with a message of salvation in ACTS 28. Also Jesus performed miracles whilst travelling in a boat, Luke 8 v 23.
There is something special about sailing in a boat with a purpose in mind.  One can not only enjoy the sail- admiring the beauty of the sea and its creatures; the blue sky; the magical setting sun, but above all it gives an ideal opportunity, with a ‘captive’ audience for an evangelist to socialize, share God’s Love and the Good News of the Gospel message of the Kingdom. This is exactly what Judy and I did,  which brings back happy and rewarding memories to me from our resort mission in Corfu over the past two summers. It is not surprising that our host where we were staying said, ‘come back again next year, for a much longer time’.