Jenni Pridmore

Following on from the Recalibrate Workshops that we ran with our chaplains, here are a selection of resources that may be useful as we try to recalibrate our people.


  • CPAS is worth checking out for the variety of resources offered to clergy and churches

Rest & Revitalisation:

  • This podcast from the Sacred Ordinary Days people

  • Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals book or online

  • Every Moment Holy

  • Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall; check her website here (Written by a Mom with young children, BUT has lots of great tips and insights; also currently running  28-day online support challenge in ‘simple practices to love our neighbors better’.)

Processing the Pandemic:

  • This article on the role of the Church through and beyond the pandemic (BibleSociety)

  • This article on evangelism from the pandemic (Our Sunday Visitor)

  • MANY relevant articles from Duke University

  • This article on ‘What if they don’t come back?’ (Fresh Expressions)

  • This article on grief as a form of love (Presbyterian Outlook)



  • Tearfund: to help people get involved AND build community

Worship/Sermon Helps:

  • Pretty much everything (podcast, conferences, sermon helps) from here

  • A wealth of topical, liturgical resources