Anchored to the rock, but moving with the tides

As we muse the consequences of Brexit I was reminded about Alvin Toffler and what he said about learning and unlearning and relearning practices. Read more

How We're Doing Plastic Free July

The environment is something that is very important to us at ICS so here are a few things that some of our staff team have been doing this month for Plastic Free July. Read more

Rest – why you get more done when you work less

A Book Review of Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang Read more

Corfu - Resort Mission 2021

Some reflections from Adrian and Ruth who are currently serving as Resort Chaplains in Corfu. Read more

Brexit - The gift that keeps on giving

Complexities around Brexit change all the time and Richard Bromley has a few more thoughts. Read more

Juneteenth - Slavery Then and Now

On Juneteenth, we remember the emancipation of slaves in the southern states of America but slavery is far from obsolete in our society today. Read more

Recalibrate Our People

Some resources that you may find useful following on from our Recalibrate workshop series. Read more

Finding encouragement along the way

Last week we had our Zoom prayer meeting. Here are some reflections from Richard Bromley on our time together. Read more

A Pentecost Story

What goes up comes down… though not always when we expect. Read more

Being Out Of Sync

You don’t plan to be out of sync, it just happens and then you become aware of it with a sense of panic, confusion or just a slight dis-ease. Read more

COVID-19 – Accelerating Change for ICS

As we have been adjusting to the changes that COVID-19 has brought, here are some ways that we as an organisation have been seeing things change. Read more