Within the European Institutions in Brussels there are a huge number of younger people working as assistants to the various MEPs, lobbyists and NGO’s. ICS has pioneered ministry based at the Chapel of the Resurrection, working alongside Holy Trinity, Brussels to engage an Outreach Worker to reach out creatively with the Gospel to these people. 

While the work is challenging, it has not been without its successes and we have seen people come to faith and others wanting to learn more about the Christian faith. Discussion events, film nights, art installations and discipleship groups have all been part of the programme.

Jeremy Heuslein started working at the Chapel of the Resurrection in 2013. Jeremy and his wife Natalie are Americans living in Belgium, they have a young daughter, Charlotte. Natalie is the Children, Youth and Discipleship Worker at Holy Trinity Brussels where Jeremy is also involved in leading services.

This is a New Work supported by ICS.