ICS supports mission partners through one to one coaching on skype.  This facility allows new mission partners as they are settling into a role or existing mission partners facing a challenge to receive in depth coaching.

Much has been written about the benefits of coaching, the way it enables people to achieve goals, become more self-reliant, contribute more effectively to the team and organisation and work more effectively.  With so many of the people connected to ICS working in isolation, this opportunity has a huge benefit and is proving to be transformative in the impact on chaplains. 

Be it for those first few months when a person is settling into a new locality or role, or in the midst of a significant challenge or change, coaching provides the opportunity for someone to accompany the mission partner in a non-directive way that prayerfully guides them towards better outcomes.

You can find out more about ICS and the coaching we do or contribute to the cost of supporting this valuable ministry amongst our mission partners by clicking the link below.