‘Come a little closer.’ There have been many times that, as a speaker, I have said to people: ‘please come closer’. Filling up the venue from the back, suits our desire to be anonymous, to not get too close, to be able to get away quickly, not to be picked out or picked on, I do it myself. When I was a member of a youth group, we prided ourselves in getting to church early to get the back seat. 

When I asked Joan and others in my church to sit at the front one 8am service, Joan confided in me, as she left, that I was one of the only vicars in 80+ years of attending this church that had managed to get her not to sit on the back row.

The same is true for ICS, there are many who care for ICS, are curious or interested about the ministry, the people or the places we work in, but who are sitting at the back of the room. From there you are not seeing or hearing as much as you might. Move a little further forward and become more visible to us. Allow us to communicate with you better. If you get ICS News passed on from someone else, then sign up, we will deliver it by mail or email. If you get ICS News but not the monthly update, come a little closer and sign up to receive that as well. You may follow us on Facebook or Instagram. You may visit our website regularly. To you I say this summer, ‘come closer’.

Come closer.  We delight to know better those who are interested in or support ICS, it helps us get a better idea who we are speaking with, that is a conversation we enjoy.

Of course, as a speaker when you invite people to come closer you get a mixed response. Some are willing to move one row, some with great energy leap to the front. All movement closer is welcome. We look forward to having a closer link with you.

Richard Bromley, ICS Mission Director

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