While ICS is not a large and asset-rich charity, we have been, and continue to be able to make grants to stimulate new mission and outreach. 

We have supported New Work in Bordeaux, at Schiphol Airport and have helped fund the appointment of a Chaplain in Izmir, a new location for ICS.  Recently, we assisted Andy and Nicky Smith and family move to Bangkok where Andy has started as Chaplain at Christ Church Bangkok.

Our criteria for a ministry to be funded is that it needs to:

  1. 'Evangelical and Missional' in nature
  2. That 'English' is the main medium
  3. That it is 'Sympathetic to ICS's values'
  4. That it is 'Pioneering', ICS was born as a pioneer mission agency, it is in our DNA.

ICS does not have application forms or templates that need to be completed, rather our mission partners engage in a conversation with us and together we discern whether this is a partnership that ICS is able to support after prayerful reflection. 

Contact the ICS Mission Director on +44 (0) 24 7646 3940 to find out more.