Associate Ministry Partner Application Form

Associate Ministry Partners of ICS are those who:
• are appointed to chaplaincies (churches), or other ministry posts, which are not in the permanent or temporary gift of ICS, and where the chaplain (priest) wishes to be identified with ICS.
• subscribe fully to the Basis of Faith.
• are able to provide evidence of or undertake safeguarding checks.
• are committed to ongoing best practice regarding safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and will establish a safe and caring environment where there is a culture of informed vigilance as to the potential of abuse within their ministries.
• are ICS Members (this requires formal application and the payment of an annual subscription in accordance with the provisions set out in the membership form whilst an Associate Ministry Partner).
• will encourage their chaplaincies or congregations to support ICS.
• are licensed by the Diocesan Bishop of the diocese in which they serve.
• whose chaplaincy or congregation council formally supports their applicants to be an Associate Ministry Partner of ICS.

ICS will:
• include Chaplains and their chaplaincies in the ICS Prayer Diary.
• invite them to the annual Chaplains and Families’ Conference.
• consider them part of the ICS family, send chaplains’ mailings and offer advice and help as requested; we will also hold your information on our database and send you regular ICS mailings.

Personal Details