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If you have a particular interest in the churches in Wengen and Zermatt, please sign up and become a ’Friend’ and we will send you occasional news about the churches, and the wider work of ICS.

We ask of you to please pray for the mission and ministry of ICS especially in Wengen and Zermatt, and if you are able, encourage us by some measure of financial support for the upkeep of the churches in Switzerland.

Become our friend on Social Media by joining the Facebook groups: @icszermatt or @icswengen and invite others to become Friends.

Local Friends may be able to offer occasional practical assistance like helping to ‘spread the word’ of our activities or by assisting in some way in the services themselves. To the UK based team (out of season) by helping with whatever tasks crop up (including translation perhaps) when we can’t be there. With enough friends to help, we could possibly keep the church open for visitors all year round!

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