At the Anglican Church in Freiburg we are engaged in a lifelong task which is to build a community, made up of a wonderful mixture of ages and races, whose most abiding quality is ‘grace’. We believe that the God we have begun to know and worship is full of self-giving grace and it is our hope that in all that we do and are together, grace will be our hallmark. 

We are a vibrant, growing church. Our aim is to be an open, dynamic Christian community in which people from many different backgrounds can worship, can grow in their understanding and experience of God so that together, we can make a difference in our world. We hope that you will find a warm welcome and an exciting place to discover more about being a friend and follower of Christ, a place that is indeed a community of grace.

The Revd Vinod Victor is the Chaplain. Here he introduces himself.

Please see our website for more information.

Freiburg is an Associate Ministry Partner of ICS.