Fundraise and Promote ICS

To promote mission in your church and support ICS:

  • Set up a link from your church’s website to the ICS website, to help people find ICS-supported chaplaincies and other English-language churches abroad.
  • Organise a ‘Taste of ICS’, find out more here.
  • Distribute ICS News and Prayer Diary to your congregation, contact the office for a quantity.
  • Feature ICS in your church’s newsletter, please contact the office for an article.
  • Start a church prayer group for ICS or feature ICS in your intercessions.
  • Sell ICS Christmas cards in your church.
  • Request Used Stamps collecting envelopes and a poster for your church. We sell used stamps (especially mainland European ones) for between 5p and 15p each to raise money for our mission, and accept albums and collections.
  • Twin your church with an ICS chaplaincy.
  • Raise funds for ICS.  See our fundraising page for ideas.

Please contact the ICS office for materials, more information or to invite someone to speak about the work of ICS.