This 200th anniversary year, take the 200 challenge and raise funds for ICS!

What could you do to raise funds for ICS? 

If you like your exercise and feel energetic:

Walk, swim, run, ski or cycle 200 miles/kilometers and chose how long it will take you to do this.

Skip 200 times every day for a month.

For the bakers among you:

Bake 200 cupcakes and make 200 cups of tea/coffee/juice and organise a coffee morning, maybe after church?

For those of you who like something more relaxing:

Do 200 minutes of pilates.

Do some gardening and plant 200 seeds.

Or if you are into knitting, knit hats, egg warmers, socks and donate to charities who can use them.

Facebook birthday fundraisers are a very popular tool: Facebook gives individuals the tools to run a birthday fundraising campaign online amongst your friends and contacts. And it doesn’t take a penny: all the money is donated to the charity. Find out more here.

Set up your fundraising page here.