The English-speaking church of Grenoble is a vibrant and exciting Bible-focused church with members from all over the world. Some people join us for a couple of years and others just for a couple of weeks, some live in France permanently, but however long you are with us, you will soon find that you feel part of our growing church family.

We think of St. Marc’s as an oasis in the city, put here by God, for you. Is anyone thirsty? Jesus said 'Let them come to me and drink'.

Wherever you’re from, whatever your background, a warm welcome awaits you! More information can be found on the website.

The Revd Alan Golton is the Assistant Chaplain, he is married to Valerie. The chaplaincy is currently in an interregnum. Details of the post can be found here.

St. Marc's Grenoble is an ICS Mission Partner.