As you are probably aware, the annual ICS Chaplains and Families’ Conference was due to take place this week at High Leigh, Hertfordshire but because of Covid19, this has had to be postponed. 

So in order to still be able to catch up with each other and to gather together we are using Zoom to hear Simon Ponsonby, Pastor of Theology at St. Aldate’s Oxford, do the bible reading that he prepared.  Yesterday, Simon spoke on Luke 2: ‘Simeon in the temple’, today will be on John 17: ‘With Jesus in prayer’ and Thursday’s session will be John 20: ‘Weep no more…’.

Below is Day 1:

Day 2 is here.

Day 3 is here.

Further sessions will be posted soon.  Thank you for your continued support of ICS, through prayer and financial!

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