There has been an Anglican church and chaplain in Izmir (formerly known as Smyrna) since 1626. For centuries our churches served members of the British community who came to the city originally for trade, industry and to build the railways.

The congregation today includes long-term residents of the city, local people, refugees, students and visitors. We come from many different parts of the world and a great variety of backgrounds. It makes it a very special place to worship, and a very welcoming one too. There are two beautiful Anglican Churches in Izmir, one at Alsancak, the other at Bornova. Our principal place of worship is St. John's, Alsancak, where we have a church hall and other facilities.

In addition to our services, we also hold social events and regular Bible study. There is the opportunity to prepare for Baptism and Confirmation. Our Chaplain is the Revd James Buxton. St. John's Izmir is an ICS Associate Mission Partner. 

Ministry in Izmir has always been reliant on the prayers and practical support of our friends in Turkey, in the UK and around the world. We greatly appreciate this support, which enables us to maintain and develop our life of worship, prayer and service, and to keep our buildings in good condition. We invite you to help us to continue to witness to Christ in this great Turkish city, in which Christians have witnessed since the Biblical period.

Please support us in our most ambitious project to date: The restoration of the Bishop Collins Hall

In 1911, Bishop William Collins, the then Bishop of Gibraltar, was on his way to Smyrna by sea. As the steamer entered the Gulf of Smyrna, the Bishop (who had been unwell, and was not, if truth be told, well enough to travel) died. Soon afterwards he was buried at St John’s Church. Two years later Bishop Collins Hall was erected in his memory.

It is a handsome building, well used by us and by other church and community groups. The hall enables us to offer hospitality and gives us a brilliant venue for special events and outreach. The hall has been well cared for over the years. However, the stonework on the exterior is now in serious need of restoration. The total cost for this work is around £20,000 which we hope to raise.

Contributions are warmly invited, please contact James Buxton [email protected] to find out more. Thank you!

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