Christ Church is the only English-speaking church in the city of Lille and surrounding area. Our services and most other activities are held in English. Christ Church Lille is an ICS Mission Partner.

We are an open church—we welcome all people no matter who you are or where you are on your journey, we are all travellers together. We don’t have all the answers; we encourage questions and dialogue with God and each other. Our faith is nurtured by participating in the worship and life of the congregation. That means that some of us have a deep and life-long faith and some of us aren’t even sure God exists. But all of us are growing in faith as we worship together.Our Chaplain is Debbie Flach. Here you can find out more about us.

Since 1870, Christ Church Lille has been at the heart of an international congregation, currently made up of worshippers from more than 20 different countries. Originally built to serve English-speaking Christians from the UK, our reach is now truly global with representatives from as far apart as North America and Asia. Our congregation has always been at the heart of our worship, our outreach, and the management of our resources. We receive no outside subsidies, relying instead on a host of supporters from within the congregation and without. To ensure that our 19th Century church building also moves with the times we have plans, and part-funding, for a new and inviting internal glazed entrance to our church to open the church to passers-by while keeping the heat in! 

Planning for the future in difficult times has always been part of Christ Church Lille’s message and practice. Now, due to the pandemic when we were not able to hold our usual fundraising events, we are running a deficit of €1000 a month, which is using up our small reserves and this will ultimately limit our activities and reduce our impact across the city.

If we are to achieve all that we firmly believe CAN be done, we ask for donations. Any donation will be seen as a blessing, thank you! If you would like to give regularly, please do so here.

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