Trinity Church Lyon is an ICS Mission Partner.

Welcome to Trinity Church Lyon! We are a family of Christians, growing both numerically and spiritually. We are primarily here to minister to English-speaking people, but at the same time we have a role to play in the ecumenical life and witness of the city of Lyon.

We want to be: Dynamic, growing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; Bible-based, proclaiming the scriptures and encouraging people to apply God’s living word in their daily lives; English-speaking, serving English speakers from all parts of the world; Welcoming people from diverse Christian traditions as well as those who are new to the faith; International, accommodating people from all countries and nationalities; Growing in faith seeking to know God better through Jesus Christ; Fellowship, encouraging people to know each other and to support fellow members and newcomers, both practically and in prayer; Serving providing for the physical needs of those within the congregation, especially students and refugees, while serving the local community and God’s worldwide church.

Our chaplain is Ben Harding who is married to Jo, they have two sons, Roman and Tobias.

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