The Church of St John Muscat is a multi-denominational, multicultural, and multinational Christian church. Our name celebrates the powerful fourth gospel by The Beloved Disciple. It also remembers Bishop Yohannon/John (5th century) from this land. The church logo is a cross made out of of the four initials of our name in Arabic.

We have a Thursday evening slot (just at the start of the weekend) for traditional worship in a room called ‘The Good Shepherd Chapel’ on the Ghala church compound, and a temporary home on Friday mornings for a more informal all-age gathering, in the Bible Society bookshop on the same compound. Biblical, Evangelical and Reformed in outlook, as well as open to the Holy Spirit’s gifts and guiding, we welcome anyone who wants to discover, grow in, and celebrate, our risen King’s rescue of the world - together exploring how we can live for Jesus in this wonderful city.

We want to be rooted in Him, and reaching out to the world around us.

The Revd Chris Howitz is the Chaplain, married to Nicole. This chaplaincy is an ICS Associate Ministry Partner.

'Please pray that we would be a blessing to the people of this land, the aroma of Christ, like the frankincense that comes from this land. For our fellowship to grow, rooted in Jesus and His good news, incorporating Omani hospitality codes combined with gospel-love. For opportunities, partnership, and provision. Thank you!'

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