Invited by the Bishop, St. Paul’s, English-speaking church, Tervuren, is delighted to welcome the Revd Dominic Newstead as our chaplain from 1 July. Dominic is married to Annie and they have four children aged 15-21, he will be moving from the Parish of Little Heath, Potters Bar.

Here he shares his motivation:

“It was as a young Christian, in my teenage years at a Crusader group, where I gave my life to Jesus, that I came to read and love the Bible, to know that it was totally trustworthy, and to see how it could shape my own personal life and the worship and life of the church. In our family life as well as church life we have sought to hold people together in love. We worship and work together, united by a sense of the urgency of making the Gospel known.”

Dominic is both English and French. The family is also bravely attempting to learn Dutch at home through the lock-down. As an ICS chaplain he served for five years on the outskirts of Paris and has spent time in Rwanda and Burundi on short-term mission. In his desire to make the Gospel known throughout his Christian ministry, Dominic has demonstrated energy, commitment and leadership.

St. Paul's, Tervuren prayed for inspiring and motivating leadership, for a minister from an evangelical tradition with experience of evangelism and outreach to lead a mission-focused church. We looked for experience in pastoring an international or multi-cultural congregation with a breadth of Christian theology, the development of pastoral ministries and the building up of children and youth ministries. We feel blessed that God has called Dominic and Annie to serve here. With a deep Christian faith, an understanding of the kind of community we are and, we believe, the experience to meet St. Paul’s future need, we give glory to God.
Jean François Sourdoire and Ann Start, Wardens. Monday 30 March 2020

You can read the full announcement here.