The Revd Clifford Owen finished his Land's End to John O'Groats cycle ride on Wednesday 6 September after seventeen days in the saddle. ‘It was different this time’, he said. ‘On my three previous rides I always felt that I had some energy left at the end of each day but this time I was spent and I only survived by getting to bed at 9pm! However, I discovered to my surprise that even at 80 the body starts to get fit again, but strength had deteriorated and the hills were tough. Despite issues with the gear changer the bike held up well with miraculously no punctures.’

Although Clifford has been doing sponsored rides and the London Marathon for charity for thirty years, he has never previously had the support which Hartford church generated for this event. ‘I was overwhelmed by the prayer base and the interest’ he said. Clifford would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who sponsored him for Hartford Church. The original target of £500 was multiplied six times to over £3000. In addition Clifford was also hoping to raise £1000 for the Intercontinental Church Society. The latter appointed him as Chaplain to Holy Trinity Corfu in 2002. That target is not far off and he hopes the mainland European churches will give it a final push.

Clifford also spoke of the immense support of his daughters Kathryn and Isobel who between them rode the distance with him; keeping him turning the pedals when energy flagged.

You can still donate to Clifford's fundraising page here.

All the pictures of the trip are here.