At ICS we are looking at the impact ICS, and more generally, all of us, have on the environment and how we can change our behaviour to help save the planet. Our colleague Jac recommends reading Ruth Valerio’s book…..‘L is for Lifestyle’.

And here is why:

'Ruth Valerio is a Christian environmentalist with a particular interest in environmental issues and a desire to see a culture where caring for God’s earth becomes an integral part of life, rather than an optional extra. Her book, L is for Lifestyle is an enjoyable read, that summarises how the choices we make impact on the environment.

Ruth demonstrates how by making good choices we can all contribute to a greener lifestyle and make a difference in our own way. She encourages people to explore new ways of living that do as little damage as possible to God’s world. She also highlights how everyone plays their part and if we all start small, making good choices, the changes build up to create a bigger impact.

The book gives suggestions for minor changes as well as major challenges for any stage of your environmental journey, whatever your situation, you will find things to encourage and inspire you from the diverse range of suggestions. It’s a book that can be revisited many times as your journey progresses and presents an environmental challenge that’s applicable to us all.

Dip in and challenge yourself for the next stage of your journey to play your part in caring for God’s earth.'

Order a copy of Ruth's book and read some of her other writings here.