St George's Barcelona are celebrating their Anniversary Gala Year of 50 years of the building and 150 years of being present in Barcelona. They started this off proper with a very Catalan Calçotada that was held on 6 March.

La Calçotada is a Catalan gastronomical celebration held between November and April, where barbecued calçots are consumed in community and is always one of the best attended outreach events.

This Anniversary Gala Year, St George's is raising funds to make the church more safe and fit for purpose as they move into a future which remains uncertain. They have been restoring the property through increasing the space outside the front entrance, refreshing aspects of the building, beautifying the garden and generally sprucing the place up. This includes installing child-safe, soundproofed and attractive windows to make better use of the mezzanine and balcony sound area.

To support this effort, go to their Giving page where you can make an online donation through DonorBox. Please mark any gifts as for SG2022.

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