On the third Sunday of Advent 2021, the Anglican Church in Freiburg turned the leaf on a new chapter in its history. After an extended interregnum of sixteen months, the Revd Vinod Victor was licensed by the Venerable Canon Dr Leslie Nathaniel on behalf of Bishop Robert and became our new vicar.

The licensing service was held at St Michael’s church, Freiburg-Haslach, and was attended by many friends and well-wishers, both in person and from home. Running to almost two hours, plenty of space was given to representatives from churches from Freiburg and beyond, many of whom generously presented thoughtful welcome gifts, and all of whom eloquently expressed their support and encouragement for Vinod’s ministry. Music also featured prominently with members of the ACF music group and choir using the church’s wonderful acoustics and powerful organ to great effect. A special treat was given to those present when Vinod’s wife Molly and daughters Dorothy and Gigi sung movingly to mark the occasion with a beautiful personal touch.

After Holy Communion was celebrated, Vinod addressed the congregation to outline five priorities for his ministry in Freiburg. He could not have given a clearer signal that his vision for our church is one of coming together, of inclusiveness, of shared faith and of our turning to look out into the world.

So let us now move forward in confidence and trust that God has prepared a path for us. A path that we will share with each other and with Him, the map for which He has placed in the sure and capable hands of Revd Victor. 

Story from the Anglican Church Freiburg website https://anglican-church-freiburg.de/