It was a glorious occasion when on Easter Day, four adults and four children were baptised at St. Marc's Grenoble. 

Those baptised are from 3 separate families and were: Choice, baby Daniel and his big sister Imuetinyan, Bright and Anita and their son Excllnt and his little sister Christable and finally, Godsent.

Please pray for them all; that the Holy Spirit will live and work in them and that they will continue fellowship within the St. Marc's church family.

Nick and Julia Finlay arrived in Grenoble at the start of the year, please pray for them both and for Nick as he continues to try to meet members and make contacts in these restricted times.  Also, give thanks for a growing congregation in church on Sundays and for good Zoom numbers too.

Find out more about Nick here.

Photos were taken by Jean-Philippe Vincent, thank you!