Our Chaplains meet many new people every year, each of them with their own unique story and background. This summer our Resort Mission Chaplains have served in Switzerland, Italy and Greece.

Revd Graham Hadfield and his wife Ruth went to Wengen, Switzerland, at St. Bernard’s Church. The church is nestled in the Lauterbrunnen valley and the area attracts many English-speaking tourists who enjoy the wonderful views and walks year after year.

Chok Pin and Ai Li regularly attend St. Bernard’s whenever they are in Wengen-which, over the years, has been quite often. They were both born in Malaysia but in recent years have been based as far apart as the US and Australia. One of the places they have loved to meet up has been Wengen. Being a brilliant musician, Ai Li plays for church services whenever they visit.

Last summer, they were here as an engaged couple, this August they are happily married! As they are dedicated followers of Jesus, the opportunity to meet somewhere with an active church and chaplains has been important to them, it will be exciting to see how the Lord uses them in the years ahead.

Chok Pin and Ai Li are one example of how visitors have changed from when the church was first built. In 1928, it served British tourists coming to ski, in 2019 it receives visitors from across the globe. Over time, the congregations that meet have changed, but its purpose has always been the same: to proclaim the Gospel to all who gather in it.

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