During Moray Thomas’s fortnight as Chaplain in Zermatt, he responded to a request from a teacher at the local school to host two groups of children on a visit to the English Church. 

Moray writes: 'A teacher from the school rang and asked if she could bring a couple of classes of ten year old children to look around the English Church. This was partly the fruit of the Ecumenical Service that I held on my first night. I welcomed them with help from Edith Villager and Sharon Morf, two long-time Swiss regulars to the church.

The first school visit went extremely well. Twenty 10 year old children with one teacher came to the church. They had work sheets to complete but loved 'playing' the organ and ringing the bell. Edith was brilliant at enabling them to ask questions in Swiss, and Sharon had made enough Swiss versions of Psalm 121:1,2 for each, and a choice of a sun, a heart or a cross with 'God loves me' on it. They all also received one of the English St Peter cards.

I gave the teacher a copy of A Church in the Alps with the supplement. The teacher seemed pleased and came back with the second class later in the week.

These school sessions were fabulous with lots of enthusiasm from the children, a great response from the teacher, and Edith and Sharon were amazing!'

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