Humayun Sunil ministers to a diverse congregation in Rotterdam, a wonderful international city. His ministry pioneers an innovative approach in the city, thus better reflecting the cultural mix present in Rotterdam and the opportunity to take the Good News to all people.

On the last day of the year in 2019, his homegroup met as a final get-together of the year. 'In the Netherlands there is the tradition that on the last day of the year, we pray, eat, and have fun till midnight and close the event with fireworks.'

Sunil writes: 'I am thankful to all of you in ICS for your support financially and through prayer, and, only through prayers, we are able to share the good news with people in Rotterdam. 

Sunil will be licensed as Assistant Curate of St. Mary's, Rotterdam on 25 February 2020.  Please pray for him and his family as he ministers in Rotterdam.

Find more information about Sunil's work and to support the work financially here.